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Advertising on music websites is a great way to touch your target audience!

Internet AdvertisingBack Stage Indie Report’s readership is vastly made up of musicians, bands, studios, and artist services companies.  We focus our articles and resources the interests of this primary audience.  Additionally, our articles and reviews are distributed by syndication on RSS feeds and automatically published on all major social media sites.




Back Stage Indie Report BSIR Radio Back Stage Indie Report also runs BSIR Radio which can be linked from any page on the magazine site.  BSIR Radio plays the music of up-and-coming Indie artists.  There are also interviews with music industry professionals and other radio shows of interest to this market.



Advertising onlineBack Stage Indie Report has wonderful and unique marketing opportunities for businesses and artists that want to reach our readership.   Product, gear, services, or artists reviews by expert writers in the subject matter would cost only $300.  You would need to supply relevant images or our Art Department can create images for you for $75.  We would also require the product specifications if the review is regarding a product or piece of music gear.  Back Stage Indie Report has a state-of-the-art studio that we utilize in audio equipment reviews.  Photographs in the studio environment will be included in the review.  For an additional $60, Back Stage Indie Report will do a 60 second radio testimonial that will air 3X a day on BSIR Radio for one month.  This will create a higher impression rate to your target market.

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