Antelope Audio – Sartori Review by Multi Latin Grammy Winner Paul “Echo” Irizarry

 Satori (sa·to·ri /səˈtôrē/) – From Budism “Sudden Enlitenment”


If you’re a subscriber or regular reader of Back Stage Indie Report, you probably already know that we are fans of Antelope Audio (see Antelope Audio Orion 32+).  Here is a company just a few years ago had 19 full-time employees  and now has close to 150.  In the competitive market of pro studio gear, to have that kind of success you must be doing something right.  One key to their success is being able to offer top studio standards but remain at a price point accessible to the project studio Engineer and Producer.

I just got back from NAMM 2018 in Anaheim California.  I spent 3 days there and did not get to 75% of the show.  MASSIVE!!!  As you may have already guessed, the 25% I did see was in the

Antelope Audio Logo

Pro Audio building.

That alone was bigger than a football feild.  Weaving my way through the other industry folk there ( not open to the public) I saw the unmistakable red leaping antelope that is there logo.

Violeta NikolovaI was greeted by everyone’s favorite Bulgarian, Viloleta Nikolova.  She is the Brand Manager for Antelope Audio and travels to the NAMM and AES shows to talk recording gear with the who’s-who in music production.  We were going through some of the new gear they had on display when she pointed to the Satori and ask if I was familiar with it.   Of course!  I’ve been using it for a minute now.  Veselin “Ves” Lazarov, Regional Manager came by to say “hello” and update me and The Echo Team members on the rapid growth of the company and its fututre product development.  Very innovative stuff!

Satori gives you a monitoring controller that keeps its sonic accuracy while moving around your source signals.  Antelope Audio has been designing top analog circuitry, highly optimized PCB organization and ultra conditioned power that results in mastering-quality results at a project studio MSRP.

My Secret Sauce

Satori is very useful in getting me an attractive stereo image.  It does this by allowing me to mix the mids of the image separately from the sides.  This results in very clean and distinctive imaging.  Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!!!

Internal Analog Summing


While providing me with top quality monitor control, Satori also functions as a summing mixer with all 8 channels.  The analog summing allows me to mix signals in the analog world for a more authentic mix of instruments. The Satori summing mixer maintains the attack, headroom and great dynamics, while providing me the sound quality of a big analog consoles that my clients demand.

Proprietary Attenuator Design

Satori’s attenuator is extremely exact.  Most mechanical attenuators, sound pretty good but they do create noise in the form of electrical induced artifacts when the level is changed. Satori has a really dope way of reducing these artifacts but not losing the analog sonic beauty.

Why relays?

“The greatest advantage of using relays is that they achieve 0.05 dB stereo accuracy and stable L/R balance even at lower listening levels. Satori also boast .5db increments of source and output trim offset control. This pristine, passive attenuator signal path fully preserves audio signal integrity while revealing even the most subtle nuances.” Antelope Audio Web Site

Not One Or Two, But Four Independent Headphone Amps To Keep the whole Echo Team In The Mix

Satori has 4 seperate headphone amps so it can provided everybody their personal feed with individual volume control. Satori’s headphone amps are the same as those used in Antelope’s top line of home audio converters.  Plenty of clean volume to your head-gear.

R4SRS4 Controls Satori At Arm’s Reach

If you have a Satori, or are planing to get one, take advantage of the convenience of the RS4. It’s a bus-powered remote that’s as sexy as the Satori itself. The remote duplicates the controls on the face on my Satori.  It gives me an easy ability to quickly controlling Satori from where I’m seated at the mix. My R4S allows me talkback to my artists too.


 OK… This Is Really Cool!  Pay Attention!

Satori also comes with a free mobile app for either iOS or Android devices. The easy to use app makes my smart phone and tablet into a professional remote control for my Satori. I can sit in the back of the room and crank-up the big boy client speakers and still me in control.  In control is exactly where I want to be when it comes to my mixes!

 I know the guys over at Opus Sun love working with their Satori.  I give it my highest 5 star rating!Five Star Review

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