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Blue Microphone

Back Stage Indie Report keeps a full working Pro Tools studio at our office.  This is to create our radio spots, review gear, and work with Indie Artists.  We actually have 5 BLUE Microphones as part of our mic locker.  We like them. Two of our favorite Blue Microphones are the “Baby Bottle” and the “Bluebird”.  In our opinion, the character of each mic makes it a great choice for specific uses.  We love the Baby Bottle on acoustic guitar and hand percussion.  The Bluebird is really nice for more “airy” vocalists because the Bluebird is a very sweet sounding mic with a smiley face response. Boosted highs, boosted lows. Works especially great on a nice female voice or for silky male vocals. It is designed to do everything well and if you are on a budget, this mic can server many rolls with distinction.

The Baby Bottle is a more robust sounding mic.  It keeps more of the mid-range than the Bluebird.   Very mid forward which is great for acoustic guitar and male vocals. It gets a little more BLUE like in the fact that it has a very distinctive tone.  Both are pretty versatile workhorses and each have their own sonic signature.  We need to make sure we are not being skewed by all the mic out there that boost the hi-freqs or in fact over accentuated highs so any mic remotely flat sounds slightly dull by comparison and anything “dark” sounds muddy.

So it all boils down to what you need to actually mic.  I think the bluebird is a vastly superior mic for those that can’t afford a lot of mics and Advertisingneed to settle on one workhorse.  It still has a great vibe, works really well on vocals, looks fantastic, and is just very good lots of recording needs. The baby bottle is also a really good mic, excellent in fact.  We love having one handy for the right situations, which for us would be mostly male vocals, acoustic guitars, and guitar cab.

Back Stage Indie Report will be covering NAMM 2017 in Nashville next month and can’t wait to hang out at the BLUE MICROPHONES booth and play with all the toys!  To the Team at BLUE Microphones, thanks for the great gear and we will see you next month!  BSIR

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