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Daddy Yankee Releases Breast Cancer Song With Symphony Orchestra And Award-Winning Producer, Echo!

daddy+yankeeDaddy Yankee has achieved one of his dreams.

Daddy Yankee has always wanted to record with the Puerto Rican symphony orchestra.  With the talents of award-winning producer/engineer, Echo, he’s finally done it.  The two have worked toether many times in the passed and that work has given rise to many well know songs.  It’s a friendship and working relationship that goes back years.

The Puerto Rican superstar has released “Yo Contra Ti” – a song about fighting against breast cancer.

He says it was emotional to meet cancer patients and work on lyrics all at the same time, and that he learned so much in the process.

“Yo Contra Ti” is A Daddy Yankee song about breast cancer in collaboration with the Puerto Rican symphony orchestra to provide support the Susan G. Komen organization of Puerto Rico.  A cause very dear to his heart.

Echo In The Mix

Together with Miami based three-time Latin Grammy winning producer Echo, of The Echo Team, this amazing and heart-wrenching song incorporated Urban grooves with symphonic backgrounds.  A daunting undertaking to say the least.  In our interview with Echo, he told Back Stage Indie Report that one of the most challenging thing about working with a full orchestra is “properly setting the microphones to capture the beauty of the symphony without creating “phase” issues.  Sound waves that are out of phase can cancel out some frequencies and cause other anomalies”.  Once the tracking was completed in Puerto Rico, Echo flew immediately to LA to finalize the mix.  After several 20 hour days at the mixing board, he turned the lights off in the studio for the last time.  Within 8 hours the music video dropped and the world was experiencing “Yo Contra Ti”.  Within 12 hours there were over 1 Million views.  Look quick at the DJ in the music video and you will see Echo making a cameo appearance.


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