Here is the future of Pop…. meet Ari B.

Back Stage Indie Report is thrilled to introduce you to Ari B!

Ari B

Ari B is an award-winning teenage performer, with a rapidly growing fan base for her Pop/R&B original music and captivating dance-powered music videos. She has been described as a ‘firecracker’ on stage, performing her blend of pop, R&B, and Hip hop, with a commanding, riveting narrative. She brings a vocal style that may remind you of Toni Braxton or Hayley Williams, but combines that with dance moves reminiscent of Janet Jackson or Bruno Mars. In addition to being a performer, Ari B is a hands-on creative force behind the entire production of her songs. She takes her visions and concepts from the writing phase, to the recording studio, to the video rehearsals and shoots, and then finally to the stage.

Ari views pop music as the perfect medium to express her personal experiences as a performing artist. Back Stage Indie Report could not agree more.  At the young age of 18, she has performed in several music videos and won several awards, including Best Video of the Year (2017) at the New England Music Awards for (her visual) “By the Pool” . Her latest music video for her song, Dance into the Party, is Directed by Wayne Isham (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bon Jovi) and choreographed by Chuck Maldonano (Stomp the Yard, Step up 4), due to be released in late July, 2017.Sennheiser

In addition, she has worked with other top names in the industry, such as Ray Kay (Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Britney Spears), Mikey Mindin & Kenya Clay (Pussy Cat Dolls, American Music Awards).

Ari began to find her voice as a performing artist at age 6. She started in musical theater, which led to lead roles in Annie, Into the Woods, Carrie, and West Side Story. Ari also had principle roles in short films, regional commercials, and the ABC movie The Makeover. As a dancer, at age 11 she became the youngest ever to perform with the pre-professional dance company, Boston Youth Moves. There she had the opportunity to train and perform on professional stages with Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Chita Rivera, and Broadway choreographers. Her vocal training began at age 7, and she has been writing and recording pop music at Bristol Studios for five years now. She recently earned a scholarship in musical theater at the prestigious Boston Conservatory at Berklee.Ari B article Back Stage Indie Report

It will be interesting to see where her career takes her in the coming years. Check out her latest videos and performances on her website ( and YouTube channel )

Link for us to hear your music?:

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Back Stage Indie Report asks Ari B…

Where are you from?: Boston, MA

Who are your heroes?: MJ, Bruno Mars, Beyonce

What is your favorite piece of gear and why?:

What are you going to be working on the next 6 months?: Writing & performing

What have you been doing the last 6 months?: Writing, performing, prepping for music video, and finishing high school

What do you want or readers to know?: I write and produce my own music – I am a trained dancer

Where can our readers go to hear your music?: my website –

Where can our readers go to buy your music?: iTunes, Amazon


The Team at Back Stage Indie Report looks forward to following Ari’s career.  Ari’s manager Ms Miriam Bavly tells Back Stage Indie Report that Ari has just completed highschool and will be able to dedicate even more time to growing her art and produce more projects.



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