“I go by Savv” – Art from struggle.


I Go By Savv…

His name is Adam Melvin but if you ask him he will tell you “I go by Savv”.  Now in Santa Barbara, CA, Savv originally hails from Orange County, CA.  Raised by his grandma with his three brothers because his mother was never around and he never met my dad.   Growing up, he listened to music to escape the reality of not having a mother or father in his life. Savv moved to Santa Barbara at 13 years old and began hanging out with the local gang members.  He stopped going to school and experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  It was not long before he found himself in “the system”.  In and out of juvenile hall throughout his teens. By eighteen he was on his way to prison for various charges.  Prison is where he began to use his time writing music.   His life experiences would shape his art from struggle in a way drew in listeners that could relate to Savv or just fascinated by his story.


Creative Outlets…

“Music has helped me fight my addiction by giving me an outlet to express myself rather than using drugs and alcohol to escape from reality and suppress my feelings. I’m able to write about things I and others are going through and being sober heightens my creativity. I still deal with demons such as my addiction trying to work its way back in and destroy the journey I’m on but use my art and a creativity in order to provide a creative outlet for my energy. I’m a firm believer in God and know that the devil tempts me to return to my old ways of living.”  His life has made him an interesting and compelling writer. Savv has got “real” things to write about and has overcome the obstacles of homelessness, addiction, incarceration, and abandonment while chasing the dream of one day finding success with his art. We at Back Stage Indie Report believe he already has.  “I don’t look back on my past; instead I use it to fuel my future“.


The Music And The Crew…

“I’ve been sober for a year now and during that time dropped my first full-length album “The Statement” and a music video that gained over 21,000 views in just two weeks. I also started an independent label called Owl Entertainment with my wife and artist Nessie-G and another artist TZ. My work is produced by Elliott Lanam at Hidden City Studio in Santa Barbara, and all of my beats are created by my beat maker Mario “Skinny” Rivera.”


The Future…

currently Savv spends a majority of my time creating new music and doing at least two shows a month. He recently released his first independent full-length album “The Statement” (now available worldwide).  A father now of a five-year-old son and most recently a four-month-old baby boy.  He wants to make  his living with music and his life surrounded with creative people.

  “…no matter where you’re at in life, your dreams are there with you…” – Savv



The Team at Back Stage Indie Report are big fans of Savv and look forward to follwing his career!  Thank you Savv for sharing your story with our readers.


Track Inspiration Information


*True Story – This track is about a court case I was facing and about doing what it took to survive while getting released with nothing but the clothing on my back.


*The Statement – I created this track to pay homage to the artists I look up to and letting the ones who doubted me know about my presence on the scene.

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