Meet TyrGod – CEO & Creative Force of The League. Atlanta Based Urban Music Collective!

“- 21 yrs old TyrGod of The League , based in Atlanta Ga, born 8/24/96 young Kobe of the rap game . Bringing Real Hiphop , rap to your speakers. Ceo of The league, A collective of amazing artist”TyrGod

TyrGodWhat is your story?  “As a kid my sister would rap, write rhymes she used to record them on the radio with the tape, I remember her writing verses for me too. Growing older I always loved music, 50 cent and snoop dog and Kanye West. but I didn’t persue it fully until I got older and saw how the game changed , I loved how big Sean , wiz Khalifa , Kendrick, j cole Nipsey Hussle , and asap rocky changed the game I feel like amixture of all of them being how I’m so versitle but share a deep connection with each of their music At different times in my life. I started The League back in 2013 with my friend Atl Terminus, every since then ive been perfecting my craft and my brand. With so much artillary in the arsenal i focused all my energy into a 3 PV7T mixtape meaning TRVP backwards…. but it’s 3 PV7TS.. get it!?! Lol this is PV7T one and only the beginning alll tracks prod. Pharo Davinci. A in house producer of The League . \/|| coming sooner than you think” #Itstheleaguebitch

Where are your from?  Old Fourth Ward , Atlanta,Ga

How has your location influenced your music?  “I love Atlanta.  I love the style and the music I grew up to future. seeing his come up I remember listening to True story, dirty sprite , streets callin, and he had the streets on fire. Nothing has changed. He’s even bigger and is goin harder than ever, I remember when migos came out and you had to be in the A to appreciate where these niggaz really at right now seeing those guys come up threw their journey. gives me that nostalgic feeling. like they had the city so lit and what has changed . Nothing. They’re going harder than ever. And are bigger than ever. We use to be in class back in the day like “ bands bando” lmao. I remember dabbing before the whole world knew what it was. I love atl cus it’s a city thing. No other city has . We jus vibe in this lil world and it’s like fuck the rest. But everybody wanna be here , think they gotta prove something in the A. All this “jug and finesse” type shit came from Atlanta and Chicago. But the whole game on it. I think it’s hilarious because nobody wants to admit it. But it’s obvious. I just kno we are the new wave. It’s my turn.”

TyrGodWho are your heroes?  “Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa,Tupac, curren$y, kid cudi, and Nipsey Hussle”

What is your favorite piece of gear and why?  “Stussy. I love that shit.  It’s my go to you know, it’s class but it’s not hypbeast. *waits for supreme hype to die*….*dies waiting*”

What are you going to be working on the next 6 months?  “PV7T 2 and 3. A collab mixtape , visuals and branding, and marketing my team.  Growing fans , and listeners.”

What have you been doing the last 6 months?   “Working, trying to find balance in life with Music and life . Working on PV7T 1”

What do you want or readers to know?  “I’m a fan before I’m a artist I just love music. I know what people like.”

Where can our readers go to hear your music?


Back Stage Indie Report are big TyrGod Fans and look forward to his upgoming tracks!!!!


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