Opus Sun is LIVE!!!

Opus Sun

Opus Sun has released their first LIVE show track with a concert version of  “Wrong Side of Right”.  Though the band has an extensive catalog of studio recorded musical work, they have never released for public consumption any live recordings. We, at Back Stage Indie Report, after hearing this live track are asking ourselves “why the hell not“?  Wrong Side of Right is an epic blues/rock jam a-la SRV.  The feel is big, soulful, and compelling. The song begins with a recording of a gospel preacher shouting with contempt for human failings.  Once the song kicks in, blues vocals leave plenty of space for the elegantly tortured guitar riffs of Larry Diaco.  Flowing bass runs and church/rock organ underlay the vocals and guitar yet seem to have a free flow feel as well. Check out this great track below and buy one for you personal library on iTunes. We at BSIR are looking forward to the next live release from the guys at Opus Sun.



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