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Richard Lynch

Lets Talk Richard Lynch…

You’d be hard-pressed to find a musician as authentic as Richard Lynch, whose traditional country music fully embodies his hay-raising, farm-dwelling lifestyle. An all-American, blue-collar country man, Lynch has poured his heart and soul into the countless chart-topping hits he and his band have produced. His music is 100% real country, evoking some of the great classics who influenced him, like Keith Whitley. Conway Twitty, and George Strait. For three decades and counting, Lynch has written, sung, and performed his songs with passion and dedication, building himself up into an independent country music sensation. While his musical roots are grounded in pure country, his songs also showcase elements of western swing, honky tonk and outlaw country.

Living the Life

Living the life he sings about is what gives Richard Lynch the edge as a singer/songwriter. Richard is a hard-working, personification of pure country. He is a designer and builder of amazing barns, and as should be expected, he is an American farmer. His everyday life and paying his musical dues by performing at 100’s of events & shows a year, all across the country, is that which shaped him into a one-of-a-kind performer. Richard’s style is true and it carries into his live shows. Much like his music alone, a live performance of the Richard Lynch Band is something you feel. It’s something you carry with you when you walk away. If country music is a gift that sustains in our lives wherever we go, Richard Lynch is the messenger.

Lynch, based in Waynesville, Ohio, released his first full-length album, The Last of A Dying Breed, in 2013, and was nominated as Best Male Country Artist by the Independent Country Music Association in 2014. His most recent album is, a 12-track production that garnered critical acclaim, particularly for its first single and title track “ A Better Place”. The Lynch album was named the Pure Country Album of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists, while Lynch was declared Humanitarian of the Year, and his band named the Traditional Country Band of the Year at the 2015 Josie Awards. A Better Place was produced by renowned songwriter Billy Yates, and features the work of several talented musicians who have previously worked with artists including Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, and Reba McEntire.

Richard & Ronnie

Recently Richard recorded a duet with country star Ronnie McDowell. The single, “Love Tattoo” is a moving tribute to our military veterans. The was released to rave reviews in January.

Richard LynchRichard released his third studio album on April 1st, on Fence Row Records and we are certain he is chart bound once again. “Mending Fences” is an incredible 12 track project of pure country music. The title track, written by Lesley McDaniel, Fost Daniel, Jesse Daniel and Nick Hall is an outstanding example of what country music was meant to be. Like all great country songs, it comes with a story; “Good luck on the new album Richard. Mending Fences isn’t the product of a fancy writer’s room on music row. It was written in a barn, on an extremely cold northeast Alabama morning while sitting around an old homemade wood burning barrel heater. It’s a legitimate country song and me and my co-writers are glad it found a legitimate country singer”……….. Writer Nick Hall

“Mending Fences” also includes a stunning, heart-felt duet with the amazing Rhonda Vincent.

Richard LynchBacked by a group of hand selected country musicians, the Richard Lynch Band performs a wide variety of music. Perfect for the true traditionalist longing for the emotions of three cords and the truth wrapped in the soul of a steel guitar or fans seeking hard driving honky tonk, a Richard Lynch performance will surely warm your country soul.

Back Stage Indie Report asks Richard Lynch…

What is your story?: Striving everyday to maintain the traditions of real country music.

Where are your from?: Lebanon, OH originally now living in Waynesville, OH

How has your location influenced your music?: I grew up on a working farm with a Dad who was a well know singer and guitar player. His love of music instilled the passion in me.

Who are your heroes?: The legends, like Conway Twitty & Keith Whitley and of course my Dad Woody.

What is your favorite piece of gear and why?: Anything that gets the job done

What are you going to be working on the next 6 months?: We will be touring the country with a significant show schedule and also will be doing a large tour of Texas radio stations

What have you been doing the last 6 months?: Well we just completed and released our third studio album and are extremely proud of how well “Mending Fences” has been received

What do you want or readers to know?: Just how much we appreciate all of our fans and how much we enjoy sharing traditional country music with them

Where can our readers go to hear your music?: https://richardlynch.hearnow.com/ https://www.reverbnation.com/richardlynchband

Where can our readers go to buy your music?: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/RichardLynch

Email: michael@mtsmanagementgroup.com

Website: https://www.richardlynchband.com/

We at Back Sage Indie Report are killer fans of Richard Lynch and can’t wait to bring you his future releases.  Go download some RL for your library.

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