Swan Audio Offers You A Free Way to Send Audio Files To Clients That They Can Only Have For 7 Days!

Swan AudioMike Wells and Stefan Heger are both mastering engineers.  They were looking for a platform to send audio files to their client and perspective clients without giving away the ownership of the file.  When that proved difficult to find, they did what any studio engineer would do…. They built one!  “Swan”, an online platform for your mobile device and desktop computer that let you send an audio file but prohibit the recipient from downloading or taking ownership of th e file.  In fact, the file will disappear completely from the recipients device after 7 days.  It is “FREE” and is available now.  Swan comes with 2 Gigs of storage for 7 days.

Back Stage Indie Report met the guys from Stephan and the guys from Swan at AES in New Your City last week.  They were kind enough to give us a demo.  Music people listen to me!!!  Get this free app!!!!  You will have this powerful tool whenever you phone is on your hip.



swan.audio on the internet

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