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Dana Brett Munach Editor in Chief
Dana Brett Munach
Editor in Chief

In addition to being Editor in Chief of Back Stage Indie Report, Dana is a musician (Bassist), music producer and recording engineer.  As well, Dana is an internationally recognized photographic and graphic artist  .  Dana will make sure that Backstage Indie Report brings you great articles and information that serve the Indie Music community.  He also oversees programing and content on Back Stage Indie Report Radio (BSIR Radio) with music by the phenomenal Artists in the articles by Back Stage Indie Report, special shows and interesting interviews with Industry professionals.  His vision for BSIR is to provide a usefule and entertaining resource for Indie music professionals. A place to get unbiassed information that is not influenced by selling pay-to-play content.

Echo Recording Arts & Technologies Contributor
Recording Arts & Technologies Contributor

Four time Latin Grammy winning Producer/Engineer and industry insider Echo of The Echo Team, lends his expertise to Back Stage Indie Report readers. Look for his studio gear reviews and recomendations. As well, Echo provides pro tips for making your recordings pop!

Shaun Drake Senior Writer
Shaun Drake
Senior Writer

Always focusing his passion for Indie Artists and Indie music globally, Shaun has expanded his horizons (and ours) to the great music being made around our big blue marble. With Shaun’s background in writing and his many years of curating international Indie Music, he has brought his talents to Back Stage Indie Report for the experiential benefit of all of us.

Val LaMonica Gear Guru and Director of Product Reviews
Val LaMonica
Gear Guru and Director of Product Reviews

Yes, you guessed it... It's really Valentino but nobody calls him that unless it's his mom on the phone. As an electrical engineer, Val soon found his way in to the music industry (we use a lot of electrical stuff). His experience with studio design and audio systems integration, Val is the perfect person to review music industry products for our readers. We are really fortunate to have him on the Team. Subscribe to Back Stage Indie Report and we will send Val's reviews right to you as they are published!

Selene Fondou Director of Marketing
Selene Fondou
Director of Marketing

As talented as she is adorable, Selene is the engine that make the boat move across the water. With a degree in Marketing and a couple of decades in its practice, Selene brings Back Stage Indie Report to the masses. Not an easy task with all the digital noise out there in the matrix. If you have a desire to advertise or sponsor a project, drop Selene an email.

Kenneth Peck Senior Rock History Writer
Kenneth Peck
Senior Rock History Writer

Kenneth (Kenny) Peck is a lover of all things music. Coming of age during the 60's and 70's, music was the conscience of the times. This fact was not wasted on Kenny. A disciple of the written word, Kenny received his PhD in literature from NYU. He then set afoot exploring the cultures of Central and South America and spent months off the beaten trail normally blazed by most American tourists. Kenny put his education and experience to task, working as a college Professor teaching his students about mediums of expressive art in the form of books and film. He produced several documentaries which were well received by his fans and peers. Kenny can talk for hours about the history of the rock movement, its pioneers, and formative artists. We asked him to put his pen to paper and join Back Stage Indie Report as a journalist focusing on the twentieth century rock experience that brought us all here. We were thrilled when he said "Yes".

Kenny Steig Senior Writer
Kenny Steig
Senior Writer

Weather it’s The Grateful Dead, Allmen Brothers, Fish, or Stevie Ray, if Blues is your thing, Kenny has got you covered. When Kenny is not hosting The Blues Bar show, you most likely will find him back stage at an outdoor music festival. He will be the one with the ear-to-ear grin and the do-rag. Look for articles by Kenny Steig for his unique perspective and experience.

Sam Rochford Nashville Music Writer
Sam Rochford
Nashville Music Writer

Sam (Samantha) Rochford, originally from Coneticuit, relocated to Nashville to work in the "industry" there in Music City. With experience in music Radio both on air and off, Sam was charged with reporting on the Nashville music seen and has conducted interviews with both Indie and Mainstream artists including Dolly Parton. Nashville is a gravity center for musical artists and Sam is deeply networked in to the "scene". Back Stage Indie Report is happy to have Sam keeping our readers and subscribers up to date on Nashville.

Katina Johnston Senior Spiritual Music Writer
Katina Johnston
Senior Spiritual Music Writer

As a writer and artists, Katina has a beautiful connection to the world and what truly has value. If Katina is not in Tampa working for a worthy cause or on her daughter ranch, you will find her in the mountains outside of Ashville, Tennessee soaking in the natural world. Katina's faith is strong and has served her in life's challenges. As an avid fan of Spiritual Rock / Christian Rock, Katina will bring Back Stage Indie Report articles on the biggest, and not so well-known artist in Spiritual Music.

Sheridan Amberos Artist Liaison
Sheridan Amberos
Artist Liaison

When it comes to working with the Talent, no one has it down better than Sheridan. The challenges of coordinating with Artists that may be on-tour, in studio, or on the other side of the planet can be vexing. However, she makes it look easy to always be available for Artisit, Producers, Lables, and Equipment Manufactures to stay in sync with Back Stage Indie Report.