Virginia Beach, VA hip-hop duo KEVNPHE provide a very conscious style and approach to hip-hop!

What’s In A Name?

KEVNPHE (Pronounced “Kev” and “Fee”)

KEVNPHEBack Stage Indie Reports speaks with Virginia Hip-Hop Artists KEVNPHE!

Who is KEVNPHE?: Virginia hip-hop duo  provide a very conscious style approach to hip-hop, producing songs filled with real-life lyrics based on events that occurred in the lives of the two artists at the time. KEVNPHE’s message is to simply change lives one song at a time.

What is your story?: From witnessing domestic violence at an early age, to almost failing out of college, to dealing the death of an older brother at what was the highest point of a basketball career, to dealing with the death of an unborn child, to becoming an elementary school teachers.  Sons, Brothers, mentors, teachers, writers, artists! KEVNPHE aims to change a life one song at a time, and save their own by doing the one things that keeps them going.. Making music!

Where are your from?: Virginia Beach, VA

How has your location influenced your music?: Being from the 757, it’s a crab in a barrel mentality. There are a lot of people in position to help other succeed but because of the mentality mentioned before, they will help until a certain point, so that you don’t be more successful than them. Seeing this growing up, we vowed to be who we needed growing up, people who care about the impact music can make, not just the numbers and popularity. We aim to change lives and the community we come from for the better, because we already seen things at their worst!

Who are your heroes?: Jay-z , Tupac, J.Cole, Martin Luther King Jr. , Will Smith, Denzel Washington.

KEVNPHEWhat is your favorite piece of gear and why?: Headphones. They allow us to write wherever we draw inspiration!!

What are you going to be working on the next 6 months?: New visuals, new Project dropping in January, and 2 books (1 children’s book, 1 young adult novel)

What have you been doing the last 6 months?: Dropped a project “Nice to Meet You” EP , recorded 4 music visuals, released a surprise project for our fans two days ago!

KEVNPHEWhat do you want or readers to know?: Music is the most powerful influence in the world. Songs are for the charts, KEVNPHE is for the heart!

Where can our readers go to hear your music?:

Where can our readers go to buy your music?: Run – Single by KevnPhe



We at Back Stage Indie Report have become big KEVNPHE fans.  Looking forward to what they do next!!!!!



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